Monday, February 14, 2011

Xperia X10i still loses WIND

Yes, my Xperia X10i still gets into a state where it refuses to connect to WIND after it loses the network.

This is incredibly annoying.  I don't travel enough to remember to shut off the phone when going outside the city.  Yet if I don't, I lose my connection until I get home and cycle my SIM through my old phone.

Sony will never fix it.  They're releasing the Arc, which spells the end for X10 support, and have already said they're leaving Xperia phones stuck on Android 2.1 with no possibility for upgrades.  Certainly not upgrades to fix 'minor' bugs to fringe AWS-enabled models to correct problems with a few country-specific regional networks.

But you know what?  I stopped caring once I found out about the HTC Pyramid and Samsung Galaxy S II.  These are the Droid X-like Android monsters I have always wanted but could never get.  And they're both AWS-enabled for T-mobile.

Mockups have already told me that I can live with a 4.3" phone, but a 5.0" semi-tablet like the Dell Streak is just too big.  And I've lusted after the Droid X since before it hit the shelves, but Verizon kept it all to themselves.  (The HTC Evo was nice, but the Droid smoked it in side-by-side tests, and looked more badass to boot - although their Terminator-esque theme was admittedly a bit too much.)

Samsung, on the other hand, has usually released variants of it's latest phones for all carriers. My wife is probably getting a Samsung Vibrant - also known as the Galaxy S and Fascinate - for her birthday, although she doesn't know it.  It's T-mobile enabled, and not without it's teething problems, but is just as nice as my X10i - and cheaper, now, thanks to advances in the market.

So why not get a Galaxy S II for myself, and start enjoying not only 4.3 beautiful inches of Super AMOLED goodness with bonus awe-inspiring dual-core processor, but a noticeable lack of gotta-have-two-screen-locks stupidity, the non-resetting-phonebook-name-search dumbness, the I'll-turn-on-anytime-I-feel-like-it display, Bluetooth headset scrambled-voice-gobbledygook, the sluggish I-can't-seem-to-lock-focus and takes-forever-to-take-a-picture camera, the insert-the-charged-battery-and-claim-it's-dead quirk, the I've-got-signal-but-can't-make-a-call game, and I-see-the-network-but-don't-feel-like-connecting-anymore bug?  I'm a loyal guy but I don't see the value here.

Sory, SE.  You had a shot at it, and screwed it up royally.  There are too many other options out there to bother with you any more.  Let's hope I can sell my Xperia on Kijiji for a decent price after the dual-cores arrive.

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