Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Final impressions of Ergotron LX Triple Monitor Stand

Having had my stand set up for a week or so, I do like it.

The weight-assist mechanisms are set to the stiffest possible setting at the factory.  However, you can crank them down to minimum without bother.  The mechanisms never become loose or floppy, and it's designed so you can't accidentally unbolt anything.

My 19/22/19 setup does just fine at minimum stiffness.  It doesn't sag or move around on it's own.

The final height of my monitors did change, but after the first two hours I stopped noticing.  So by the next day you'll have forgotten anything was different.

Overall, I would recommend this unit.  It is well made and does a good job.

It's a good price - comparatively speaking, of course.  I spotted a comparable system at a local shop for $1800 with monitors - that's $600 per monitor, well over what each of those 23" LCDs are worth. 

Granted, it looked totally slick, used a different mounting system that guaranteed perfect alignment of the monitors, and had narrow-bezel units that made the screens appear as seamless as possible.  Still, it was vastly overpriced for what it was, unless you have money to burn.

Having triple monitors is nice - accelerates my workflow quite a bit.  It does confuse the wife, but I bet our kids will grow up loving it.

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