Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sudden and unfixable "Connection was reset" error message when accessing 3ware 3DM2

If 3DM2 suddenly stops working in your browser it is probably because your browser has recently been updated.

LSI (the company that bought 3ware) has information on this in this rather cryptically titled knowledge base article.

It seems from my experience that Firefox 11 and IE 9 are now both unable to access the 3DM2 web GUI.

[Update]:  This is a fundamental problem with the SSL and TLS protocols.  The browser updates fix the flaw, but the clients (i.e. 3DM) must be updated to be compatible.

There may be a fix described here in the Mozilla forums, but I have not investigated it yet.  It seems LSI has updated the 3DM executable to be compatible, but you have to install it manually, which should hardly be a big deal.

[Update #2 (2015)]:   LSI KB article describing fix.

I haven't done it yet, but it >seems< you do the following:

1.  Stop the 3dm2 service (Windows) or daemon (Linux/FreeBSD).

    Tip:  /etc/init.d/tdm2 stop (to stop the 3DM2 daemon)

2.  Copy the attached binary and overwrite the current binary.

    Tip:  3dm2 lives in /usr/sbin

3.  Restart the service/daemon (or reboot the system).

    Tip:  Command line: 3dm2
    or /etc/init.d/tdm2 start (to start the 3DM2 daemon)

I haven't done it yet! (I'm too busy.)  Use at your own risk!


  1. Um so now what the hell do we do?

    1. Seems to be fixed in FF 13. Try upgrading.

  2. The link to the executable is no longer valid. I ran into this problem recently and this blog post helped me out:


    It has a valid link to the LSI FTP for the patched executable, and a hosted mirror in case it goes away.

  3. http://blog.shawnhyde.com/post/2012/03/05/3DM2-httplocalhost888-cant-connect-with-Internet-Explorer-Firefox-etc.aspx

    worked for me