Friday, June 5, 2015

WL Toys L959: fopower (eBay) 4pcs Tyre 1.9Inch 96mm Tires wheel RC 1:10 Tamiya Rock Climbing Car 6030-7006 review

Available from:  eBay Canada (seller: fopower)

Fit:  Fit stock L959 setup.

Pros:  Foam inserts.  Much better rear-end grip, car actually steers rather than skids out, rears stick better than fronts.  Car no longer bottoms out.  Top speed is faster, acceleration better due to improved grip.  Jumps can be more interesting since fat rears lead to interesting takeoffs.  Good pricing, you get four instead of two.

Cons:  Not pre-glued, you need to glue them.  High-speed turns may be wider since rear end doesn't skid into turns any more and fronts tend to skid sooner, leading to understeer.  Car flips more easily since rear tires grip rather than slide, and without new rear spacers the rear wheels tend to sit a little too far in.  Huge diameter means motor works harder and may not last as long.  Car hesitates frequently due to thermal overload, especially on grass.  Car doesn't handle curb jumping as well: big soft rear tires tend to bounce on takeoff, flipping car end for end.  Arguably not as much fun since it is extremely hard to slide the rear end around on command.

Verdict:  Enormous improvement in rear-end grip.  Good for pavement/speed, bad for grass/motor life, and possibly just too big.  Might be better for L969/L979 truck/truggy or supercharged L202 brushless buggy rather than L959 brushed-motor buggy.  If using L959, try to use upgraded motor driver and motor with heatsink mounted to avoid thermal issues/hesitation.  Recommend adjustable hex spacers to move rears as far out as possible and improve stability, but this is not required.

crappy stockers vs fopower 6030-700

Damn, they're huge!

Needs a little tightening... compared to stockers


Holy @#%#%!!

Looking sick

Fat paws, but possibly set a little to far in

fopower tires almost as fat as L969 truggy tires!

L969 truck rears (top), fopower (middle), stock L959 (bottom)

Fopowers are midway between stock L969 and stock L959

fopower as fat as L969 truck tires, but not as wide

The foam inserts

fopower vs. Traxxas 2478R Tracer Wheels plus Anaconda tires

fopower knobby, Traxxas smoother

fopower bigger, Traxxas wider

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