Monday, September 4, 2017

Tassimo machine runs cleaning or add water cycles instead of descaling cycle

Problem:  Tassimo machine runs the wrong cycle with the cleaning disc in.  Usually, the problem is it will not run the descaling program no matter how long the brew button is pressed.

For example:
-  It runs a regular cleaning cycle instead of a descale cycle; or
-  It runs an "add water" cycle instead of a descale cycle; or
-  It runs an "add water" cycle instead of a cleaning cycle.

You can sometimes tell that this is what the machine "wants" to do because the wrong icons light up when you put in the cleaning disc.  For example, the "add water" icon may light up, which is not supposed to occur with the cleaning disc in place.

Solution:  It's probably reading the wrong barcode off of the cleaning disc.  Mostly this occurs because the window that lets the machine "see" the barcode is dirty.

To fix, lift up the disc holder and clean the little rectangular window underneath, then re-insert.  The machine should then be able to properly identify the cleaning disc and everything will work as it should.

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