Sunday, January 11, 2015

ATX power supplies compatible with the Silverstone Strider ST1500

In days gone by, Silverstone progressed ATX power supply design to its (possibly) ultimate conclusion - the Strider ST1500.  A carefully crafted black ingot pushing out 1500 watts of power, which was - and let's be fair - such massive overkill as to defy rational explanation.

You didn't care, you just wanted one.  Why?  Because wattage.  That's why.  (Not everything in life has to be practical.)

Unfortunately, no PSU lasts forever, and your beloved ST1500 has bit the dust. 

So you look around for a replacement champion, only to find that Silverstone has murdered it, with no comparable replacement to be found.  Your mysterious, inky black infinity stone of pure wattage awesomeness has departed this universe, never to be seen again.

You rail at the gods (and Silverstone) for this colossal injustice.  You plead for the universe to regain its normal course, and continue producing products that are so utterly superior as to destroy all comparison, competition and reasoned thought. 

As is so often the case, your prayers (and insults) go unanswered.

Ever so reluctantly, you begin new plans.  Through your tears, you have seen the ST1000-G and ST1200-G Gold Evolution units.  Are these your best option now?

Though their paltry 1000W and 1200W ratings can't fill the hole in your heart, your mind grudgingly admits that these are still firmly in the massive overkill department. You begin to console yourself with the thought of once again being king of the (slightly diminished) mountain.

With this goal now fixed in your mind, questions arise.  Your beloved ST1500 is modular, as are the newer, so-called "replacements".  Do you really need to go through re-cabling your entire rig, with its 18 hard drives, 12 fans and quad video cards?  Is it possible - just maybe - that you might be able to plug your existing cabling into the new Strider without any other changes?

Yes.  Yes, you can.

The gods have smiled, however slightly, for the Strider ST1200-G and ST1000-G models are plug-for-plug compatible with your dearly departed ST1500.  A few thumbscrews and a quick plug-for-plug swap are all that is needed to resurrect your machine!  Your heart lifts at this boon, for it transforms hours of PC repairs into hours of PC enjoyment.

Moreover, the Silverstone oracle tells you that most Strider modular supplies are generally plug-for-plug compatible with each other, and that this will likely continue in the future.  A simple comparison of pinouts (available in all user manuals) is all that is necessary to show compatibility.

Non-Strider units and PSUs from other, more lowly brands are not compatible, but these are beneath your notice.  You have seen the path.  And, soon, your PC will live again.