Friday, August 12, 2011

Unlock with Wi-Fi saved my sanity

Bug kudos to Ben Hirashima  for saving (at least some) of my sanity with Android.

Like most other Android phones, the X10i provides for a pattern password.  And, like most, it doesn't allow you to disable the regular "swipe to unlock" screen.  This forces the user into having two lock screens - an incredibly dumb move that

The inconvenience made me remember my Palm days, where I could activate and unlock my Treo in seemingly no time at all.  Granted, it wasn't the same - the Treo had no password protection - but I didn't need it then and I wonder if I need it now.  Everything is encrypted in Note Everything Pro anyway.

It was getting to the point where I was going to turn off the password.  It took so long to unlock the phone, start apps, and do anything that any speedup was welcome.

Even worse was the common occurrence of turning off the phone, just to remember - after the screen went dark - that I forgot to jot something down.  Then you have to boot it up and go through the whole unlock process again, even though you JUST shut it off.

Fortunately, Lifehacker ran a little piece on Unlock With Wi-Fi, which very helpfully disables the lock screens - both of them! - when you are at home.  I tried the free (yes, FREE) version on my X10i it worked fine.  You can't beat free, so it's worth a try.

(Well, OK, the paid app with extra features is $4.00 - less than a Starbuck's frap, after all.  It adds some features you may want - like preventing the phone from locking RIGHT AWAY after being turned off, my other pet peeve mentioned above.  Still cheap as dirt.)

If this sounds like a shill advert, it's not.  I just like the app, thanks.  Hit the spot for me.

[Update]:  It also bypasses the default swipe-lock screen!  Hallelujah!!!

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