Thursday, December 15, 2011

10-second review of Camera ZOOM FX (Android)

I downloaded Camera ZOOM FX during the Android Market 10 cent sale.  Here's what I found out in the first 30 seconds:

  • Stable shot mode is cool.
  • Macro focus.  Awesome.
  • Zoom is fast.

  • There is no exposure compensation.  Pretty piss-poor.
  • FX settings are useless.  Seems to be the main claim to fame, really.
  • Pressing the hardware camera button caused a crash.  

Restarting it, it claimed it "could not connect to the camera", and suggested either a task killer (without suggesting which task to kill) or a phone reboot.

Finally, on the Xperia X10i, Camera ZOOM FX is unable to mute the shutter sound.  The FAQ claims this is unavoidable due to operating system restrictions - yet, somehow, the native app manages to take silent photos just fine.  Obviously there is something there the CZF developers don't know (or don't have access to).

The non-muting shutter sound is a dealbreaker for me, as I generally do not want people to know when I'm snapping pictures.  It's embarrassing.

I got it for 10 cents - your mileage (and value) may vary.

Update:  Muting system sounds seems to somehow mute the shutter sound.  I'm not sure exactly how to do it - Timeriffic is in charge of that on my phone.  But I tried CZFx today, and the shutter sound is gone.

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