Friday, January 13, 2012

Can't print from Windows 7 x64 in landscape mode on shared printer

Ever since I upgraded to Windows 7 x64, my Samsung ML-2010 printer has failed to print in landscape mode.  It's connected to an XP machine that acts as the print server, but I print from my Windows 7 machine.

This was annoying, but I didn't much care.  I have another printer, an HP 2600n, that works OK, so I always used it. 

Lately, though, I wanted to print some large B&W documents.  The 2600n is color, which makes it more expensive to run.  So I decided to fix it.

After much mucking about, I still could not print landscape from Win7 through XP to the ML-2010.
This is another annoying Windows 7 permissions issue.  Apparently, my W7 user does not have permissions to modify the printer settings.  Therefore, programs running on the W7 can't alter basic parameters, such as paper orientation.

Haven't fixed it yet, because all of the permissions settings for the printer on the W7 machine are greyed out.  Great.

I got around the problem by printing the documents on the XP machine.  That obviously works, as Win7 permissions are no longer in the picture.

If you are having problems operating your shared printer from Win7, it's a permissions problem, not a driver problem.

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