Sunday, August 19, 2012

AuthenTec TrueSuite fingerprint logon not working with Firefox 14.0.1

Like the title says.  This is on a Vaio Z series (3rd generation, 2012).

Before anyone things I'm an idiot and simply don't know how to do it: it works with Internet Explorer fine.  AND the fingerprint login to Windows 7 x64 works fine as well.  But not with Firefox.

What doesn't happen is that TrueSuite does not prompt to remember a password when you log in to a web page.  In IE, you get a message asking "do you want TrueSuite to remember this password" or something like that.  With Firefox, nada.

I tried disabling Firefox's buit-in password manager, which I had temporarily enabled.  Didn't help.

Nothing mentioned on either Sony's site or Authentec's site, so I must be the only one.  I'm betting I'll have to do a video to prove it to Sony.

[Edit]:  The fingerprint login sure is handy.  I had almost forgotten how much I missed it when I had to give up my old Lifebook.

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