Friday, June 5, 2015

WLtoys L959: Traxxas 2478R Tracer Wheel / Anaconda Tires combo review

Source:  Amazon (Canada)

Fit:  Fits stock L959 once rear axle hex nuts are removed.

Pros:  Chrome finish.  Pre-glued.  Foam inserts.  Car rides on middle 2/3 of tire, not edges.  Much better rear-end grip, car actually steers rather than skids out, rears stick better than fronts.  Car no longer bottoms out.  Top speed is faster, acceleration better due to improved grip.  Jumps can be more interesting since fat rears lead to interesting takeoffs.

Cons:  High-speed turns may be wider since rear end doesn't skid into turns any more and fronts tend to skid sooner, leading to understeer.  Car flips more easily since rear tires grip rather than slide.  Bigger diameter means motor works slightly harder and may not last as long.  Car doesn't handle curb jumping as well: big soft rear tires tend to bounce on takeoff, flipping car end for end.  Arguably not as much fun since it is extremely hard to slide the rear end around on command.  Smooth tread gives poor grip on grass.

Verdict:  Enormous improvement in rear-end grip.  Good for on-pavement, bad for off-roading.  Not necessarily too large for the car.  Might do well on L979 truggy and definitely suitable for L202 brushless buggy.  Hex spacers ineffective since wheels must be snug to inner end of axle to work.

Stock tires after, like, 10 batteries of fun

fopower 96mm 6030-7006 vs. Traxxas 2478R

Rock climbing tread vs. pavement tread

Fopower bigger, Traxxas wider

Comparison of mounting systems

Standard L959 wheels use 12mm hex nut mount

Traxxas 2478R wheels do away with the 12mm mounting nut
How they fit
How they grip (note dirt band where tire contacts road)
Looking shiny-shiny sharp

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