Monday, October 17, 2016

Wall-mounting Caseta Pico remotes without any damage

So I purchased a wall-mount kit for a Caseta remote control, to see how it works.  It was almost what I expected.

The wall mount itself is just a little clear bracket.  The Pico snaps in.

It did not come with the Claro plate adapter (I thought it would).  It turns out the plate adapter comes with the Claro wall plate itself.  Which makes sense once you realize all the Claro devices would use the same adapter plate.

Of course, you don't see this in the store.  All you see is this.  So you won't realize the adapter plate is in there.

So together they make a complete mounting solution for either surface-mounting or box-mounting a Pico remote.

Lutron wants you to screw the mount into the wall.  I prefer to use Command strips.  Fortunately there are two handy areas to put Command strips that won't push the mount off of the wall:

Cover up with the adapter plate and you won't even see them.

It does take quite a bit of doing to remove the wall plate from the bracket, so I guess there is a risk I might tear the strips off the wall.  I'll just have to be careful, and/or figure out how to reduce the retention force of the Claro plate on the adapter plate.

Lest anyone thinks I'm too picky, I mounted the Anywhere Switch with Command strips years ago.  Good thing too - now I can get rid of it easily without worrying about leftover holes.

Also know that the dimmer kit itself has a Claro plate and adapter in it.  If you don't plan to use these on the switch itself, you can scavenge them to use with the remote wall-mount kit.