Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Private Internet Access (PIA) suddenly stops working

Problem: PIA stops connecting.  No changes on your side.  DD-WRT.

Error: N VERIFY ERROR: depth=1 error=certificate has expired: C=US ST=OH L=Columbus O=Private Internet Access CN=Private Internet Access CA emailAddress=secure@privateinternetaccess.com
20200818 14:33:13 N TLS_ERROR: BIO read tls_read_plaintext error: error:14090086:lib(20):func(144):reason(134)


1.  Your router time setting is wrong.  Try re-setting or selecting another NTP server, just to be sure.

2.  PIA changed something.  Seems they did so recently (August 18, 2020).

If (2), your only real solution is to completely re-set up your DD-WRT router using the latest settings.  Instructions are here.


-  Specific protocols now need specific ports.  Be sure to get the right port/.crt combination.

-  PIA added a line to "Additional Config":

pull-filter ignore "auth-token"

This line completely borked my ability to connect - DD-WRT wouldn't even try.  Taking it out fixed it, I don't know why.  It may be because my DD-WRT is old.

I was also unable to connect using Blowfish, although I suspect that was the new config line above.

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