Saturday, May 19, 2012

Muster/meeting/parking location for Hidden Trail Adventures, Canmore, AB

Update:  Per their Facebook post, Hidden Trails has shut down as  of April 2018.

If there is one thing I hate, it is going somewhere and not knowing where to go.  Or, specifically, where to park.

In this case, the destination was "Hidden Trail Adventures", an ATV tour company operating out of the Ghost Waiparous area of Alberta.  A google of the name yields their website, along with a crappy map.  Not much help if you have never been there before.

Google Maps has nada on their actual operating location.  Satellite is no help - there is no detail to the imagery in the Ghost area.  You can make out a few parking areas but not which is which.

Street View works, but the data was collected either before Hidden Trail set up shop or sometime when they were not on-site - probably the former, as none of the relevant signage is shown in Street View.

They do give good directions but that is not much help if you want to use a satnav to assist you.  It's one of those 'you have to know it to know it' sort of things.

Anyway, to assist anyone who is fortunate enough to go on a tour, here is a map of their exact actual location where you park your car and get on your quad:

I should also say that once you get to Hwy 40 N, there is only one road, so you can't miss.  Also, there is good signage to tell you when you have arrived, so the last 100m is taken care of.  So getting to 40 N is really the only hard part.

Be sure to gas up in Cochrane if you need it, though, as it's a 90 km round trip.

Also, the last few km are gravel roads that are likely to be difficult, so don't think about taking your sportbike up there.  In poor weather conditions I'd hesitate to go without an AWD or 4WD vehicle, but my RWD sports car did manage to get up there without any difficulty in early summer.

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