Sunday, July 13, 2014

Google Drive error: "Sorry, upload of the file failed"

Symptoms:  Google Drive persists in giving the error "Sorry, upload of the file failed".  This occurs when using drag-and-drop or the "upload" button in the browser.  Errors occur regardless of file size.  A good test is to try and upload a tiny text file, to ensure bandwidth or other issues are not the problem.  Re-enabling Java in the browser does not help.

More info:  Google help had nothing on this error message, and as far as I could see, nobody else had reported this exact problem.  I'm guessing people who access Drive via their browser are in the minority.

I could not use the PC Drive interface in this instance since I was uploading video files that I did not want mirrored to my PC SSD.

Solution:  You're probably using an older browser.  It may have worked fine in the past, but Google is presumably always tweaking / upgrading the Drive interface. 

I have stuck with Firefox 14.0.1 up until July 2014 because I knew it and that version was still supported by the Google Toolbar, which I rely upon constantly.

As of July 13, 2014, Firefox 14.0.1 stopped uploading to Google Drive.  Or, at least, that is when I noticed the issue.  I had not tried uploading for 3-4 months so it could have occurred slightly earlier.

Since Google's first troubleshooting step will be to advise me to upgrade (and/or to use Chrome), I did not bother contacting them regarding the issue.

IE and Firefox 29 both uploaded with no issues, so I used a different PC with Firefox 29 to upload my files.  Multiple PCs, actually, since Drive is so slow to upload.

This might prompt me to actually try Chrome.


  1. Had a person with the same problem and I beleive they rebooted their computer twice and then tried to upload a word file and that worked and then they tried the original .pdf and that worked as well.

  2. I uploaded a large folder yesterday (containing about 1500 photos). After completion I found a notification @ right bottom corner that 400 files within that folder failed to upload. I got an option to retry and in this attempt few of those 400 successfully uploaded. But accidentally i refreshed the page and that notification is gone.

    Now the problem is I do not know which are the files (about 350 of them) did not get uploaded. How can I get that very notification back again which remembers the history of that particular task? Do I have to upload the whole folder afresh?