Saturday, June 18, 2016

Internal bed dimensions for Mac Sports Folding Wagon (Costco / Home Depot)

The Mac Sports wagon is extremely popular these days.  However, nobody lists what it can actually carry inside.

For anyone who is curious, the basket / bed dimensions of the wagon are:
-  30" long
-  17" wide
-  10" deep

Obviously you can put taller items in as well.  It will fit most kids to about 7 years old, but fitting two 4-year olds might be a little tight.

The weight limit is rated at 150 lbs.  For reference, a Coleman X5 Extreme cooler - 52 quart, I think - plus 5 bags of ice, 12 water bottles and 18 cans of pop is 82 lbs.

[However, note that the X5 will only hold 5 bags of ice in total - that is, the 5 bags will completely fill up the cooler with NO room left for anything else.  So 82 lbs weight is probably heavier than you will ever get in real life.  The X5 would also take up most, if not all, of the wagon.  I'd expect around 35 lbs max for a medium-size soft cooler with lots of stuff - maybe 40 for a 'wet' cooler filled to the brim with ice, water and drinks.]

In case it helps, I found the wagon in stock at Home Depot for $10 less than

I'm curious to see if a Polar Bear 24-pack soft cooler will fit sideways in the wagon.  The wagon is 17", and the cooler is 18" - but it is soft, so who knows.   (AO Coolers are the other best buy recommendation, but are far too expensive in Western Canada.)  I'd think a 12-can model is too small for a family outing for 3 or 4 people.

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