Tuesday, November 13, 2012

$100 reward for two Vantek DPS3305 USB power supplies

So I tried posting this on EEVblog, and promptly got kicked in the nards.  I had little hope that the thread would progress but some good folks did take up my cause (for the promised $100, of course).

Results of my search to date are here.

[Update]: eBay seller 99cent Hobbies has been able to source two units for me through TaoBao (Chinese only).  The supplied units have been verified to have the USB port and software CD, and reportedly have no overshoot issues (unlike the Quakko and Protek).

[Update 2]:  I have gotten the two units are they are as advertised!  One supply has an issue where it only will output up to 9.0V, but it is almost certainly just shipping/manufacturing issues and not the fault of 99cent Hobbies.

So far the supplies have exceeded my expectations for functionality.  Even the 9V issue on the one has not really gotten me down on them.  The software is better than I expected.

If you are interested in any, you may want to talk to 99cent Hobbies to see if he will agree to procure one for you.  He was good to me and tested the units before forwarding them on, which he did not really have to do.  His communication and helpfulness has been most excellent.

Keep in mind shipping is somewhat costly owing to the distance and the weight of the supplies.  Even with S&H, though, the supplies are still a massive bargain compared to the next best supplies available via conventional North American channel suppliers.

Also keep in mind the reliability of the Caltek units is not the best.  Don't blame the seller/distributor if you get a dud or defective unit.  It happens.  One of my units is imperfect, and the CD-ROM on one of them was also defective in a very odd way:

The units also come with UK power cords.  "Normal" power supply cords from PCs, available at any PC store, will fit.  (For the technically minded, it is an IEC 60320-C14 plug on the power supply, an IEC 60320-C13 cord will fit it.)

So all in all, it is good that I bought 2.  I got one working CD-ROM and 1-1/2 working supplies.  Not too bad, considering what they cost.

Original post below for reference/SEO:

I am looking for the Vantek DSP3305P USB programmable power supply, and I can't find any.  So far, two vendors have given me refunds because they cannot source them.

As I am tired of looking, I am offering $100 via Paypal to anyone who can supply me with a source for two DSP3305P power supply units.
  • NON-OVERSHOOT models only!  Overshoot models (Yori, Quakko, Protek) NOT allowed.
  • Must have the USB port and be supplied with cable and software.  No non-USB models!
  • Equivalent models that use the Vantek software are OK. 
  • My understanding is the 3A model never comes with USB, but if you can find one 3A is fine.
  • No gouging.  Total price should be around $200 or less.  I will look at higher prices but can't say I'll bite.  If I do, you'll get the bounty.
  • Source must be able to ship to Canada.
  • NO UPS GROUND shipping.  I do not care to pay UPS the $100 I will owe you!
  • Payment when I actually get the units in my grubby little hands.  As noted, two sales have already fallen through.
  • $50 bounty for one unit, $100 bounty for two units.

I have already tried:

None of them can get the right unit.  I know they say they can, but I tried purchasing from Precisegauge AND Kibuck, and have talked directly with Goodlucksell and MIB Instruments.  None of them are USB.

Please, no suggestions for alternative brands models.  As far as I can tell, the Vantek software is the only suite that meets my needs.

I will entertain offers from owners who want to sell theirs.  If you have one, make me an offer.

If you can buy them new and re-sell them to me for a fat profit, more power to you.  I will buy them anyway plus pay you the $50/$100 bounty.

Alternatively, $50 for a source for a conversion kit to convert non-USB models to USB.  And no, I do not mean a USB-to-232 converter - I mean a way to install a USB port into a Vantek that does not have the USB factory installed.

And no, I am not kidding.  $100 when I get the units here.  Email titam2@shaw.ca with info.

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